Hemphill Cemetery

Hemphill, Sabine Co. Cemeteries of TX

Photos by Diane Wyatt

Location: Two blocks south of Sabine County Courthouse, Hemphill

Historical Marker Inscription:
The burials in this cemetery reflect the early history of Hemphill as a developing commercial center and seat of government. The oldest marked grave dates from 1867, nine years after the town was founded. The early gravestone marks the burial site of pioneer settler Marier C. Morris (1845-1867), the daughter of Jubal H. Ragan, an early area physician. Early records of the cemetery were lost in an 1875 courthouse fire, but it is believed the original tract of land for the burial grounds was donated by Simon Newsome Beckcom and William T Morris. The site was later enlarged by additional donations of property. The first school in the area, the Sabine Valley institute, was located in a Masonic Lodge building on adjacent land which was also used for early religious services. Burials here include those of pioneer area settlers, of several wars, early leaders of the community, and elected officials of the city, county, and district levels of government. Also interred here is Simeon R. Williams, who served this area as a state legislator. Still in use, the historic Hemphill Cemetery serves as a reminder of the area 's rich heritage.

Margaret Elizabeth (1852- 1926)  and Arnoldus Bonneau (ND   CSA)  are husband and wife.

Sarah Adeline Bonneau ( Mar 29 1886 - Nov 30 1922) 2nd wife of Michael Youngblood  (CSA) .  Her sister Anna Maria Bonneau married was his first wife, died in 1877.  Sarah married Michael in 1878 and raise his and her sisters children.
Sarah is the daughter of Arnoldus & Margaret Bonneau.  She married Ross Youngblood  (Feb 00 1894 - Sep 08 1976) the son of Michael and Anna Maria Bonneau.
Vanderhorst Bonneau Youngblood ( Jul 04 1853 - Aug 04 1942)  is the son of Anna Maria Bonneau and Michael Youngblood.