Dennis Cemetery

Sabine Co. Cemeteries of TX

Location: Off State Highway 103 near Pale Gaucho Bayou, west of Milam.

Historical Marker Inscription:
This cemetery was established prior to 1836, when Texas was part of Mexico. Located on the property later donated by pioneer settler Isaiah Hamilton, it was used as a burial site for slaves of the area around the pioneer Sulphur Spring community. The significance of the historic Dennis Cemetery is reflected in the lives of individuals buried here. Gravesites include those of Easter Scurlock, later Mrs. Randall Sneedy, and Henry Smith, who came to Texas in 1834 with their owner, Captain William Scurlock, a celebrated veteran of the Texas Revolution two years later. Following emancipation in 1865 both former slaves figured prominently in the development of the area's black community. Two of Easter's sons, Dave and Dick, who acquired the family name of Jim Dennis when they were sold to him, also became active leaders here. Descendents of slaves buried at this site live in the area. No longer in use, the Dennis Cemetery contains more than 100 graves. The burial ground now serves as a reminder of Texas' early history and of the area's rich heritage. It is a symbol of pride for the local black community, which was founded on the efforts of pioneer slaves and freedmen interred here.