Mr. Eli Singletary Obit

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Joan Singletary

Mr. Eli Singletary

Died at Laneville

Last Wednesday night at 11 o’clock, at his home in the Redland community, Mr. Eli Singletary passed to his reward. He was born in Panola County and at the time of his death was 58 years of age. He leaves behind him his companion and several children with other relatives. His death came after several months of suffering and was expected by himself and family. He was truly a good man and has left the record of an unblemished life.

Brother Singletary lived well and died as he lived. At the age of sixteen he was converted and joined the Church in which he lived a consistent Christian life till the time he passed away. He laid a good foundation and builded thereon with great assurance. He was great in faith, enduring to the end. In his life the teachings of his great Master were inculcated.

He was devoted to his family. In every sense of the word he was a good husband and father. Seeking to make the home real to his family he delighted himself in making it a place of joy and sunshine. He enjoyed the fellowship of his home and family.

Not only did he seek his own, but also the good of others. He was devoted to his community in every way, putting himself behind every movement of community interest, he labored for the good of all. In his passing the community sustains a great loss. No enterprise for good ever had opposition from him.

He was loyal and devoted to his church. For many years he served the church in the official capacity of Steward, and was found faithful. He was always in his place at the church and in the services. He was a man of vision, and progressive in his thinking. His community church will greatly miss him. His influence shall live forever in the hearts of his many friends and his works follow him.

In the closing moments of the day, Thursday, his body was laid to rest in the Minden cemetery, witnessed by a multitude of his friends. So well had he lived among them that they desired to witness the last scene of his earthly existence. Truly another good man has gone to his reward. The funeral services were conducted by the writer, assisted by Rev. Welch, of Minden.

IJ. Waldon.

— Henderson Times, 11 March 1926