Jacobs School Photo

Submitted by Cameron- Ashley Heath

Rusk Co Cemeteries of TX


This is an old photo of the Jacobs (2 room) Schoolhouse and the accompanying index.   It could also go w/ New London explosion since a lot of the kids pictured died later in the New London School explosion.

Index for Jacobs School Photo

If you can identify any of these children with birthdates, please write in. If any are in error, let us know. Photo was kept by Virginia Dare Warren who attended first grade through third grade here and she provided the names and spellings to the best of her memory. Thank you, Virginia! (She is V.D.W. in the photo)


Reba Hall provided the information from the Texas Birth Index, and the Texas Death Certificates that are online. 

1. James Bratton


2. Hoyt Woods


3. J.C. Gaut


4. Glen Wood (died 18 Mar 1937 New London School explosion)


5. A.J. Thompson is also a cousin of mine.  His full name is Arthur James Thompson but he's always gone by 'A. J.'.  He was born 25 Feb 1926 and is still living.  He's the son of Erastus Arthur Thompson and Ruth Armentia (Goss) Thompson. (info by Reba Hall)


6. Joe Thompson is a brother to A. J.  Joe Beall Thompson was born 21 Feb 1928 in Rusk Co., and died 28 Mar 1998 in Collin Co., TX.  He had the same parents as A. J. (info by Reba Hall)


7. Charles Porter Hunt b. 22 Jan 1926(son of Lena Jacobs Hunt and James Hunt; died?18?Mar 1937 New London School explosion)


8. Billie Vance


9. Joseph Conrad Warren b. 3 Nov 1923 died 30 May 1986 in Smith Co., TX (son of William Arthur Warren and Mamie Marie? Brewer Warren)(info by Reba Hall)


10. Al Fonzo ?Leo? Warren b. 1926 (son of Alfonza Warren and Mary Hortense Cooper? Warren)


11. Kenneth Shaw  Johnson b. 2 Sep 1926 and died 18 Mar 1937.  He was the son of O. H. Johnson and Velma Harrington. New London School explosion (info by Reba Hall)


12. Mildred Louise Thompson is another cousin of mine.  She was born 21 Jul 1915 and as it said she died in the London School explosion.  Her parents were George Edward Thompson and Ida Leora (Freeman) Thompson.  (info by Reba Hall)


13. Marion Turner


14. Doris Ray Melton


15. Jackie Vance


16. Ruby Thompson


17. Florine Warren was born 11 Nov 1925 and died 18 Mar 1937.  She was the daughter of William Arthur Warren and Mamie Marie Brewer Warren)  New London School  explosion, (info by Reba Hall)


18. Marion Thompson


19. Minnie Turner


20. Mary Ellen Harrington (daughter of Virgil Hayden Harrington and Flonnie Cooper?Harrington, died 18 Mar 1937 New London School explosion)


21. Virginia Dare Warren b. 1927 (daughter of Julius Stephen Warren and Cora Lee Woodham?Warren)


22. __Bellew


23. Betty Jo Harrington b. 23 Jan 1927 and died 18 Mar 1937 (daughter of Virgil Hayden Harrington and Flonnie Cooper Harrington, died 18 Mar 1937 New London School explosion) Buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery on 20 Mar 1917(info by Reba Hall)


24. Maxine Jacobs born on March 3, 1927, died March 18, 1937 in the London School Explosion.  She was the daughter of Claude and Lillie Honeycutt Jacobs.(info by Reba Hall)


25. Mildred Faye Smith


26. Thelma Wyche "Toots" born Jan 25 1925 married John Marion Cohagen and they had two children according to the Texas Birth Index (1) Terry Ann Cohagen b. 26 May 1947 in Rusk Co., and (2) Mark Cohagen b. 18 Nov 1948 in Rusk Co., TX.(info by Reba Hall)


27. Doris Wyche (died 18 Mar 1937 New London School explosion) born Feb 03 1923  (3 Feb 1925 )-1937 (Info by Michael Wyche and (info by Reba Hall)


28. Ozie Woods


29. Marcia Kensamer


30. Letha Woods


31. Effie Boyd b. 1919 (daughter of Lavisie ?Vicie? Warren and Wylie Lee?Boyd)


32. Louise Brown, Teachers Helper


33. Miss Donnie Ruth (Sartain) Tate, Teacher  She's a cousin of mine.     She got married in 1929.  Her parents were Dick Richard Sartain and Nancy Jane "Nannie" (York) Sartain.  Donnie Ruth married again after Curtis Baxter Tate died.  The second husband's name was Glenn Stiff Sportsman.  Donnie Ruth Sartain was born 29 Jan 1911 in Pirtle, TX and died 15 Mar 1998 in Henderson, Rusk Co., TX. (Info by Reba Hall)


34. Miss Lena Hunt, Teacher (Lena Jacobs b. 7 Oct 1887 married James Hunt, died 18?Mar 1937 New London School explosion)


35. Marilyn Wyche  "Cookie"   born Aug 17 1920 Married Johnson (back was broken in explosion) ( was salutatorian 1939)


36. Mozelle Hunt


37. Ruby Frances Hunt b. 10 May 1925 d. 18 Mar 1937 New London School explosion.  Daughter of James and Lena (Jacobs) Hunt  On her death certificate (and you know they can be wrong) it lists her parents as C. B. Hunt and Lilly Maud Jacobs.  Her date of birth and death is the same.  Born 10 May 1926 and died 18 Mar 1937 in the school explosion   (Info by Reba Hall)


38. Charlie Woods


39. __Bellew


40. Tommy Turner


41. Allen


42. __Bellew


43. Cecil Thompson  was born 22 Feb 1918 in Overton, and died 4 Apr 1950 in Ft. Sam Houston, Bexar Co., TX.  His parents were Ben Thompson and Tressie Garland (Clamp) Thompson. (Info by Reba Hall)


44. Albert Turner


45. Homer Roy Warren b. 16 Mar 1919 (son of William Arthur Warren and Mamie Marie?Brewer Warren)


46. Henry ?Marshall? Hunt son of Charles B and Maude Jacobs Hunt