Watt Hill Cemetery (B)

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Transcription & photos by Gloria B. Mayfield

On State Hiway 149 turn left on 782  then right on 2177 in the Cherokee Lake Area.  This cemetery is on private and posted land. Thanks to Perry Thompson, Jr for letting us take pictures and Mr. Algie Harkless for providing information and a special thanks to  two Steves, one that told me about it and one that helped me climb fences. (with permission).

This is an all Black Cemetery, some say that dates  to the 1860's.  The last known burial was in 1934. Probably has about 50 - 70 graves. broken markers and rusty Funeral Home Markers.

There were rocks, iris, magnolia trees, cactus and a brick that  marked the many graves. If you can add any information, please email me. gloria


Last Name First Name Birth Death Comment
Nelson Richard 1830 Aug 18 1904 "He has run the race of the foot.  he is weary , let him rest."
FHM - - - next to Richard Nelson
Pedestal - - - "Awaiting the trumpet call , when the savior shall gather the great and the small."
His Dog - 1980 Black Barron (My Best Family)  scratched on a metal  sign
Broken stone Benj.A 1847 1918  
Broken stone - - Aug 18 1881  
- William Jack - - broken and missing stone
Jonson Miles T. only date Mar 16 1925 "Gone but not forgotten"
Brown Callie Johnson Apr 23 1891 Mar 09 1927 "At Rest"  large marker leaning on tree
Crabb Savannah May 1869 Apr 11 1929 Gone to worlds above, to saints and angels meet,  to realize our Savior's love and to worship at his feet. 5 1/2 foot marker.
Akles Lunion May 07 1895 Jan 25 1934 Tx Private  164 Depot Brag WWI
Akles Freddy Sep 19 1894 Jul 06 1918 Big marker  " In the Army Camp"
- - age 58 - -