Smith Park

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

by Mary F. Dunn, Rusk County Cemeteries Vol II

submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk County Coordinator

Located at the end of South Street in Henderson, TX:

Historical Marker: General James Smith 1792-1855 on this hill, as he wished for burial in sight of courthouse, is the grave of General James Smith, one of the founding fathers of Henderson. A south Carolina Native, he fought for the United States in War of 1812, moved to TX in 1835. Returned to United States to raise troops for TX War for Independence, Later he fought in Republic's Indian Wars, Regulator-Moderator uprising in 1840's in East TX, and in Mexican War.

He was first Judge, East TX District: a Legislator: honored in naming of nearby Smith Co.. His wife, Hannah Parker is buried beside him in this park. Also buried here is Burt M. Smith, a son who died in 1863 and it is believed that a daughter also, Frances Smith Timmons is buried here, She and her husband also donated land to Henderson. Both of these latter graves are unmarked and lost.

Inscriptions at grave:

General James Smith 1792-1855. Fought in War of 1812 War of Independence of TX 1836, Battles of TX Republic 1837-1838, commander of North Western Frontier of TX 1841. Donated Land for Co. Site of Henderson 1843. Settled in Henderson 1836. Smith Co. Was named in honor of this valiant soldier and patriot.

Hannah Parker, wife of General James Smith,

General James Smith gave unselfish service and leadership to TX and his community, honored citizen, soldier, legislator erected by the State of TX 1962.