Phillips Graves, Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Phillips Graves 

Sand Flat Community, Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Robert Vaughn 2003

This cemetery is in the Sand Flat community about one mile north of the Old Prospect Baptist Church and Cemetery. It is on the property of Charles Strong, maybe one-tenth of a mile off of County Road 3197. 

Only two graves are marked, but there are other graves here also. There are quite a few cedar stumps all around. 

The marker is a large gray marker about 2 feet high by 4 feet long - evidently erected much later than the burials. There are foot markers also. (copied March 1989) 

Arabella M. Phillips 1849-1881 "Mother" 

Terrisa Phillips 1847-1870 "Mother" 

SISTERS Mary Frank Dunn believes these are the daughters of Joel Phillips (1860 census, Rusk Co.) and that Terrisa married Reuben Phillips in 1867 and that Arabella married R. N. Phillips in 1872 (Rusk Co. Marriage Records)