Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

This cemetery is one of the 42 lost cemeteries found by Don & Becky Austin 

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk Co CC

Location: About one mile northeast of Church Hill Community, north of FM 1251

Number of graves: 40-50..........Number of identifiable graves: 13.........Number of non-identifiable marked graves: 25-30............Earliest known grave: 1857........Latest known grave: 1963

Age percentage range: 65% adults, 35% infants and/or children

Race count: Predominantly white

Located in the edge of moderate woodland on gently sloping ground, led to by an old road. The cemetery is in a small clearing and contains a substantial number of identifiable graves. However, there are many non-identifiable marked graves, most of which are marked at the head and foot by old handmade brick lying either atop the ground or embedded in the ground. Some of these are very well defined by small rectangular mounds of gravel extending the entire length of the grave.

An old cedar tree shades a few graves at one end of the cemetery and nearby are the remains of a large rectangular brick structure, probably a vault of some sort. However, the most striking feature of the cemetery is two large rock structures, each side by side and about two and a half feet in height, one in the shape of a rectangle and the other a circle, consisting of stacked iron ore rocks forming a hollow inside and a covered top. These are apparently some sort of vaults and probably mark the oldest graves in the cemetery or might even be Indian
graves since it is believed that some Indians were buried near this site.

Identifiable graves:

Gray, Delilah
D About 1858
Age about 75 years

Gray, Jane E. - wife of John Gray
B Jan 17, 1859
D May 16, 1876

Gray, Zachariah - son of John & Janie E. Gray
B Mar 11, 1876
D May 31, 1876

Gray, Samuel
B Feb 12, 1813
D Jan 8, 1872

Gray, Elizabeth A. - wife of Samuel Gray
B Sep 5, 1818
D May 10, 1868

Gray, Sarah E. - dau of S. & E.A. Gray
B Jan 5, 1850
D Jan 7, 1875

Gray, Mahala - dau of S. & E.A. Gray
B Nov 17, 1859
D June 1, 1865

Marlar, Mary C. - infant child of J.G. & R.C. Marlar
B May 15, 1857
D July 11, 1857

Young, John Miller
B 1808
D 1883

Young, Ella B. - dau of M.F. Young
B Sep 30, 1866
D Oct 19, 1873

Young, Andy
B Dec 1, 1866
D Feb 5, 1956

Young, Tex E.
B Jan 25, 1876
D June 15, 1963

Young, Johnnie
B Apr 16, 1899
D June 27, 1963

Non-identifiable graves:

Young, Infant dau of A.T. & Tex Young
B Sep 7, 1902
D Sep 28, 1902