Williamson Cemetery

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk Co Coordinator

Directions: From Carthage go westbound on State Highway 315 for 13.2 miles to the intersection with FM 348. Turn right on to FM 348 and travel northbound for 2.8 miles, going through downtown Longbranch, to the point where Panola County Road 152 intersects to the right. Turn right on to CR 152 and travel 1.5 miles to the point where a Lone Star Gas Pipeline crosses the county road. The cemetery will be located on the west side of the pipeline right-of-way and north of the county road.

Although there are an estimated 30-40 graves in this cemetery, there are only 17 identifiable ones, and 4-5 non-identifiable marked graves.

The following description of this cemetery was given by Don Austin in his privately circulated book "42 Lost Cemeteries".

"Located on gently sloping ground in the edge of moderate woodlands, alongside a pipeline right-of-way. It is a medium sized cemetery enclosed by a galvanized chain link fence with a small gate on the west side. Although it is in the edge of the woods, there are no trees within the cemetery, or at least they have been removed if there were any.

A large number of graves are identifiable in proportion to the overall size of the cemetery and only a very few are marked but unidentifiable. Some of these are marked with native iron ore.

This cemetery was begun by the McAlister Williamson family, which came to Texas from Georgia in 1828 and settled near this site. The Williamsons brought with them two Negro families, some members of which are probably buried here."

Information on the history of the Wiliamson family was provided by Corrie Elizabeth Laws.


Given Name

Date of Birth

Date of Death


Ash Willie G.

Nov 30, 1882

Dec 9, 1882

dau of J(ohn) V. & S(arah) J(ane) (Williamson) Ash
Houston C.I.

Apr 27, 1849

Aug 27, 1899

Jarrell Emily J.

Apr 26, 1836

Nov 6, 1892

wife of John R
Jarrell J(ohn) R(andolph)

Mar 30, 1836

Apr 10, 1913

Langley Ola

Jan 1, 1868

Mar 8, 1888

Shaw M(atthew) A(lex)

Apr 27, 1835

Dec 11, 1918

Shaw Mary A.

Jan 11, 1852

Sep 10, 1873

w/o Matthew A
Shaw William D.

Feb 12, 1872

Jun 6, 1886

s/o M.A. & M.A.
Williamson Elizabeth P.

Sep 16, 1826

Jan 1, 1882

nee Phillips, wife of W.H.
Williamson Emma C.

Aug 23, 1863

Jul 30, 1870

Williamson Fannicy L.

Apr 25, 1858

Feb 26, 1860

Williamson Francis Childs

Sep 27, 1803

Mar 9, 1870

w/of McAlister Williamson
Williamson J (im) N.

Mar 1, 1839

Nov 27, 1889

s/o M. & F.C.
Williamson Lela F.

Jun 26, 1856

Jun 15, 1859

Williamson McAlister

Jun 20, 1803

Mar 9, 1864

Williamson Ogela

Mar 1, 1868

Mar 10, 1868

Williamson W(illiam) H(enry)

Nov 17, 1824

Oct 7, 1894