Vaughn Cemetery B

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Robert Vaughn


Location: New Salem, Rusk County, Texas; About 6 miles southwest of Laneville - on the east side of CR 4221, around 350 yards off the county road, on private property.

Number of graves: approx. 10 - 12, with 3 graves marked by headstones

The earliest marked grave is 1897 and the latest marked grave is 1944

Comments: the cemetery is in a grove of trees and is unkept, but has a barbwire fence to keep out the cattle.

VAUGHN, Wayne b. Nov. 1, 1856 d. Feb. 14, 1897

Top of marker has been knocked from the base

COSS, Henry b. Oct., 1891 d. Apr. 8, 1928

COSS, Willie Wesley b. Apr. 12, 1879 d. Sept. 19, 1944