Pryor Cemetery

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

by Mary F. Dunn, Rusk County Cemeteries Vol II

submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk County Coordinator


The Pryor Cemetery

Used by Permission of the Rusk County Historical Commission

Submitted by : Gloria B. Mayfield

Coordinator: Dolores I. Bishop

The Pryor Cemetery was started on the Pryor land. It is on the Henderson-Kilgore Highway (259) approximately two and a half miles from Kilgore City Limits. Coming from Kilgore it is in a pine-wooded area on the left of the road. There is an old iron type gate with only a trail like road to it, about 150 yards from the highway.

  The Pryors were my great grandparents. As far as I can find out, my great grandmother, Martha Jane Pryor, who died in 1857, was probably the first to be buried there. Later her husband, William John Pryor, was buried beside her. Then their children, of which one daughter Mariah was my grandmother, Mariah’s husband, William Thomas Baton Sr., and several of their children and grandchildren, are buried there also. The last one, I think of now, was my Uncle Hosea Baton in June of 1953, to be buried there. No monuments are there for many family members buried there, but there are some stones marking several graves.

  Family members still live on some of the surrounding area, which is the old Pryor estate.  By: Rosie Lee Pruitt

Located near the Rusk Co. Line near Kilgore City limits, on Highway 259.

Pryor, William J. 1818-1976

Pryor, Martha J. 1824-1857

Pryor Amanda 1854-1913

Pryor, Rosa 1846-1917

Pryor, Johnm 1848-1920

Baton, Hosea Sept 24 1878-June 7 1953

Skipper, B. F. son of W. & S. Mar 29 1859-July 9 1873

Skipper, M. E. Sept 24 1878-Sept 7 1886 dau of W.& S.

Skipper, Ida D. Feb 29 1871- Dec 22 1873

Taylor, William J. Nov 6 1877-Apr 21 1899, son of J. D. & E. L.

Taylor, Emma L. Wife of J. D. Mar 15 1857- June 10 1911

Taylor, Joseph D. Jan 1 1848 - Nov 27 1929

Taylor, Matilda Pryor 1850-1946