Rusk Co Cemeteries of TX

By Don Austin

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield


Located about 1.5 miles northeast of Oakland community. There are probably 30 -40 graves, but now there are only two identifiable. This is located on a fairly level ground among a grove of small pine trees, led to by an old roadbed. There are no signs of a fence around the cemetery, and the old road has apparently been out of use for many years, there is a rotted bridge nearby.

The two identifiable graves are marked with engraved tombstones, while the rest of the graves are simply marked with iron ore rocks placed at the head and foot of each grave. The lengths of most of the graves are well defined, and a few are considerably shorter than average, making it possible to arrive at an estimated age percentage range. About 25 or 30 graves are so marked. A few with petrified wood markers.

On the east side of the cemetery is a rectangular rock structure, about two feet high and open at the top, filled with earth and having a large oak tree growing in the center. This is said to be the grave of a schoolteacher, the only white person buried in the cemetery.

Blanton, Stella wife of Charley Blanton Feb 26 1876 died Oct 6, 1911

Standfield, Mandy daughter of James & Mollie Standfield no dates given age 12 yrs.