Oak Grove  Cemetery B

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by  Robert Vaughan

Copied 17 February 2007

The Oak Grove Cemetery is south of Caledonia in southeastern Rusk County -- off County Road 3280. The Oak Grove School was located in front of the cemetery and the Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church (often called Oak Grove Church) was across the road from the cemetery. The school consolidated with Concord sometime in the 1930s, and the church disbanded around 1966.

The following list contains what I copied plus one I did not find. It is listed in the article "Oak Grove Community" (by Sybil Elliott) in the book Timpson, Texas Area History 1800-2002. According to Mrs. Elliott, there was once as many as 25 monuments in this cemetery.

The C. V. Moore family can be found in the 1880 Rusk County census.

The bottom of the Moore/Jones marker is inscribed:
Remember children as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now you shall be
Prepare for deth (sic) and follow me.


Last name

Given Name






Ollie M.


Nov. 24, 1903

Age 2 days

Daughter of A. D. and Faye Hensley


Mr. M. M.

May 24, 1830

Dec 4, 1875


s/w C.V. & Mariah; 1st husband of Mariah Milstead


Mr. C. V.


June 12, 1885

Age 35 years

s/w Mariah & M.M.; 2nd husband of Mariah Milstead


Mrs. Mariah


Sept 2, 1886

Age 34 years

s/w C.V. & M.M.


- -

Sept 28, 1877


The top is broken off this marker