Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

This cemetery is one of the 42 lost cemeteries found by Becky and Don Austin

Location: About six miles northeast of Mt. Enterprise, west of the Rusk-Panola county line

Number of graves: 40-50

Number of identifiable graves: 9

Number of non-identifiable marked graves: 20-25

Earliest known grave: 1881

Latest known grave: 1915

Age percentage range: 55% adults, 45% infants and/or children

Race count: all black

Located in a clearing on the side of a large, gently sloping hill, next
to an old logging road. The clearing is quite large, suggesting a
larger-than-average cemetery. Only nine graves were identifiable and at
least twice as many more were unidentifiable and marked in various
fashins such as native iron ire, petrified wood or broken remains of
tombstones. Two graves in particular were each marked by a small
cast-iron marker resembling a gravestone, but possessing no

This is said to be the forerunner of the Hall Cemetery which is about
one mile south of this location.

Identifiable graves:

Bell, John
B Feb 12, 1818
D Sept 21, 1885

Bell, Robert
B Dec 1, 1869
D Oct 12, 1888

Bell, Ophieler
B Aug 28, 1886
D March 30, 1887

Dinsmore, Floyd F. - son of J.C. and S.C. Dinsmore
B Sept 27, 1894
D Dec 2, 1901

Gibson, Harett
B 1879
D Aug 1, 1886

Johnson, Martha - wife of Gilbert Johnson
B Feb 15, 1825
D July 25, 1815

McAllister, Rev. J.H.
B Oct 12, 1853
D Oct 24, 1896

McAllister, Hough B.
B Feb 7, 1881
D Oct 12, 1881

Taylor, Ann
B 1860
D March 31, 1890