Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

This cemetery is one of the 42 lost cemeteries found by Don & Becky Austin

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield

Location: About one mile east of Minden, south of FM 1798

Number of graves: 10-15

Number of identifiable graves: 1

Number of non-identifiable marked graves: 1 - 3

Earliest known grave: 1866

Latest known grave: 1894

Race count: all white, presumably

Located on a gently-sloping hill in the edge of moderate woodland, adjacent to an old roadbed that runs north and south. The road obviously hasn't been used in quite some time, for there are large trees growing within it. Only one grave was identifiable, while two or three native rocks nearby could have possibly been grave markers, although no
identification was evident. There were also one or two old rose bushes and other vestiges of cemetery adornment growing among the vines and trees.

An earlier visitor reported finding two additional identifiable graves, plus an initialed footstone, which have apparently been covered by debris on the forest floor.

Identifiable graves:

Little, W.D.
B Sep 29, 1808
D July 4, 1866

Non-identifiable graves: (Data furnished by Mrs. Mary Frank Dunn, Brachfield Community)

Buckanan, Ann
B March 15, 1858
D Feb 28, 1890

Nichols, Jo Anna - dau of Aaron & J.N. Nichols
B ?
D Deb 28, 1894

"E.B.J." - footstone with initials - no headstone evident