Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Transcribed by Mary Frank Dunn

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield

Location: Approximately one mile north of Minden

Number of graves: 15-25

Number of identifiable graves: 0

Number of non-identifiable marked graves: 3

Earliest known grave: 1865

Latest known grave: 1991

Age percentage range: 75% adults, 25% infants and/or children

Race count: predominantly white

Located in open country on fairly level ground. All that markes the
spot are three rectangular concrete-and-rock vault-like structures,
about two feet by six feet and aoubt one foot high located about two
feet apart, all side by side, with a chinaberry tree growing next to the
center one. No identification is evident.

The cemebery is suspected to contain a good many graves. Several
Deasons are known to be buried here, as well as members of the Lewis
family, namely Freeman Lewis and his wife Cenith Connell Lewis who lived
hear this site.

Non-identifiable graves: (Data furnished by Mrs. Mary Frank Dunn,
Brachfield Community)

Blackstock, Daniel K.
B Oct 16, 1819
D May 11, 1891

Blackstock, Nancy Caroline (Deason)
B Nov 22, 1825
D July 24, 1887

Deason, James
B Dec 5, 1863
D July 2, 1865

Deason, Jelico Cates - wife of Joseph Deason
B June 2, 1795
D May 11, 1871

Deason, John Jr. - Co B 3rd Reg, TX Cav, CSA
B Feb 8, 1838
D July 5, 1865