Hughes Cemetery

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Information furnished by John Dulin & Mary F. Dunn

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk County Coordinator


This cemetery was first canvassed by Mary Frank Dunn about 1965. Only one grave was then marked. The cemetery was the "overgrown with trees and briars."     

Mary Frank:  These unmarked graves are located in the Roquemore Community, east of Henderson. It is overgrown with trees and briars. There was only one tombstone. It was broken and lying on the ground:

FERGUSON, Lucy J. b. 1877 d. 1879

Lucy was a daughter of J. H. Ferguson and wife C. A. Hughes, who married in Rusk County 24 June 1875. They also had a daughter "Ninnie" who was buried in this cemetery in 1942. Also a son, Jim Ferguson was buried here. Mrs. Gordon Brown was told that the first person buried here was a baby who drowned in a spring. This is also reported to be the burial place of the family of Absolom and Lucy Jane Hughes. It was their daughter, Caroline who married J. H. Ferguson, above.

In 1990, Mrs. Lynda Jones again visited the cemetery and met with descendants of this family. The cemetery was then cleared and fenced with a large monument in the center. Additional information and family members buried there was collected by Mrs. Jones at this time. Information on this cemetery was also gleaned earlier by Mr. H.J. Welch.

From Henderson, go out East Main Street, turn left onto FM 840. Go to FM 2857, "Old Pinehill Road" and turn left. The cemetery is located next to a brick home before Roquemore Baptist Church.


Hughes, Absolum Feb 27, 1813 Danville VA – Jan 25, 1863

Hughes, Lucy Jane May 16, 1816 – Apr 1, 1887 – Wife of Absolum Hughes

Hughes, Elizabeth Ward Jul 29, 1833 – Jan 15, 1856

Hughes, Tabitha F. Jan 24, 1838 – Aug 9, 1854

Hughes, Mary Ann Virginia Sep 14, 1846 – Mar 24, 1931

Hughes, Caroline America Jul 10, 1849 – Jun 17, 1892

Hughes, Nancy P. Jul 9, 1853 – Nov 1955

Hughes, Lucy Jul 9, 1855 – Oct 9, 1923

Hughes, Indiana Emmervon Aug 10, 1858 – Jan 22, 1933

All the Hughes girls listed above were daughters of Absolum and Lucy Jane Hughes. In addition to these graves, there is the grave first copied by Mrs. Dunn in 1965:

Ferguson, Lucy J. Apr 27, 1876 – Feb 12, 1877 Daughter of J.H. and C.A. (Hughes) Ferguson

Also known to be buried here are two other children of J.H. and C.A. Ferguson, whose graves were not marked, recorded by Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Gordon Brown:

Ferguson, Jim

Ferguson, "Ninnie" Died 1942


Co Coordinator Cemeteries of Texas – S. Koym