Hale Family Graveyard

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Information furnished by John Dulin

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk County Coordinator

Updated information provided by Dolores Thompson


There are two cemeteries listed on the website....Cross Roads and Hale Cemetery.  These are the same.  Recently the only gravesite in this location was moved to Pirtle Baptist Cemetery.
This grave was that of my gggrandfather, Joel Whitehead Hale.  He was originally buried on his own farm in 1857.  Since the grave is now on private land belonging to someone outside the family, and is not being tended as it should be,  several of us gggrandchildren decided to move it to Pirtle Baptist where many of his family are buried.  This was done on June 24, 2009. 
Although his baby son's name and dates are on the tombstone, he was not buried there.  He died ten years earlier in Georgia.  I think his name was put on the stone, just as a memorial. 
Of course nothing was found after digging down about 4-41/2 feet.  Since the location was in a large pasture, it would be impossible to know for sure that we were in the exact right location.  But nevertheless, the gravestone has been moved to Pirtle.  (Dolores Thompson)

According to Mr. Rogers Hale, this cemetery was known as the George Hale Cemetery. It is located in northern Rusk County, about seven miles southeast of Kilgore, near the Cross Roads Community.

Hale, Joel Whitehead Jun 15, 1814 – Aug 19, 1857

Hale, Urbin Fletcher Feb 14, 1846 – Jun 2, 1847   son/o Joel