Finley Cemetery No. 1

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

From "71 Rusk Co. Cem by Mary F. Dunn

submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk Co. Coordinator


Location. Ebenezer turn on Bethel Road, then turn on tyo Finley Road. Go about 1 mile, past the Rex Norman. The Cemetery is in the wooods on the left, just north of the J. J. Finley homeplace.


Hoard, HJ.J. May 26 1820-Feb 28 1865 (J.W. H. on foot marker)

"It was hard indeed to part with thee-But Christs' strong arm supported me."

George, Lela T. Oct 1, 1813--Jan 14 1879

George, Calie Sept 25 1877 ( only date)

Martin, Charity, wife of James d May 14 1893

Jones, Betsy died about 65 years---"At Rest in Jesus"

Jones, Frank died about age 70 "At Rest in Jesus"


Another Cemetery on J.J. Finley Estate

This cemetery was located south of the J.J. Finley homeplace, near of a Mr. Rives. Copied

There were quite a few sinks in the ground indicating graves, but no markers. Part of the cemetery had been leveled and the markers removed. Mrs Walter Finley reported one grave that was marked but the markers are now gone. It was in a wire enclosure with iris planted nearby. The person buried there was great grandmother of people named Evans aat New Salem who used to care for it. She thought the person buried there was named Buckner.