Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

This cemetery is one of the 42 lost cemeteries found by Becky and Don Austin.

They  gave me  permission to duplicate.

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Rusk Co. CC

Number of graves: 8 - 10

Number of identifiable graves: 2

Number of non-identifiable marked graves: 3

Earliest known grave: 1883

Latest known grave: 1918

Race count: all white, presumably

Location: About one mile west of Dirgin Community, south of the old
Board's Ferry Road.

Located just south of the Rusk County section of the old Board's Ferry Road, in the same vacinity as the Trammel Cemetery. This particular branch of the Board's Ferry Road was a main artery connecting Henderson and Marshall via such communities as Gill in Harrison County and Tatum and Harmony Hill in Rusk County, and crossing the Sabine River at Board's Ferry. Only two graves were identifiable and a couple more were marked only by the broken remains of tombstones lying atop the ground. One in particular was marked with two pieces of native rock, one at each end of the grave. The Pruitt marker is a large imposing monument with a sizeable footstone as well. There are also two or three cedar trees that are possibly grave markers. The few graves that are marked are a good distance apart, making it very hard to judge the approximate size of the cemetery. The site is found on a gently-sloping ground near a creek.

Identifiable graves Dunklin, Lee - infant of J.T. & E.. dunklin B Aug 22, 1883 D Aug 30, 1883

Pruitt, Mordecai John B July 12, 1849 in Allen Co KY D April 17, 1918 in Jackson GA