Booker Cemetery

Rusk Co. Cemeteries of TX

Information provided by Robert Vaughn (2003)

corrective copy of Marker information

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Cemeteries of TX

The cemetery is actually north of FM 2496, the road from Laneville to Mt. Enterprise. It is about 2 miles north of Smyrna Baptist Church on County Road 3156, and the cemetery is about 2/10 mi. off the county road on the east side of the road, what would be a little southeast of where Mr. Edward Moore resides. There are two large tombstones in the cemetery, about 5 ft. tall. All of the names and dates are on these two markers.

Then there are small markers, kind of like foot markers, which mark the actual burial plot of each individual. They are marked only with the initials of the person.

Tombstone # 1, closest to gate and west side of fence, has the names of Rebecca Cunningham (s. side of tombstone), Barbara Booker & Rebecca S. Cunningham (e. side of tombstone), John Booker & James R. Cunningham (w. side of tombstone).

Booker, J.V. Died Jul 21, 1868 {the marker says only “John Booker” and gives no other information; I notice that this date is the same as William’s below}

Booker, Barbara Dec 4, 1822 – Nov 11, 1867 Daughter of John & Rebecca Booker {the marker says only “Barbara Booker” and gives no other information; no “Rebecca” Booker is mentioned anywhere in the cemetery; From the markers, I would assume Barbara is the wife of John}

Booker, ________ May 13, 1848 – Mar 11, 1862 Child of John & Rebecca Booker {someone has gotten this with the dates they have below for Rebecca S. Cunningham; not sure about this}

Cunningham, James R. Dec 4, 1833 – Nov 11, 1867 { also a Masonic symbol}

Cunningham, Rebecca S. (April 13, 1843 – Mar 13, 1862} {wife of J. R. Cunningham

{Cunningham, Rebecca Feb 14, 1862 – Oct 13, 1865 (daughter of J. R. & R. S. Cunningham)}

All of the above is on what I call Tombstone #1


Tombstone #2, east of #1, has the names of Wm. Booker & two babes of J. & V. Booker  (s. side of tombstone), Jabez Booker & Virlenda Booker (e. side of tombstone), and J. H. Blanton, Emmett B. Blanton, & Jabez Blanton (w. side of tombstone). I use north, south, east & west as approximate relative terms, as the cemetery is probably not facing due east.}

Blanton, J.H. Sep 11, 1839 – Nov 8, 1892 {died March 8, 1892}

Blanton, Emmett B. Aged 8 years and 14 days children of J. H. & M. Blanton

Blanton, Jabez Aged 1 year, 9 months, 11 days {Aged 1 yr. 9 mos. 14 ds.} children of J. H. & M. Blanton

Booker, Jabez 1815 (no date on marker)  – Jul 15, 1871 {the marker only gives the date of death and says “aged 56 years”

Booker, Virlinda  {“Virlenda, wife of J. Booker” Dec 15, 1871, also says “aged 50 years”}

Booker, William Died Jul 21, 1868 {also says “aged 21 years”}

{Two babes (spelled “babs”) of J. & V. Booker}

All of the above is on what I call Tombstone #2

The following information is on the bottom of Tombstone #2: On the south side, under the name of Wm. Booker and the two babes: “Brief, brave, and glorious was his young career.” “He shall gather the lambs with arm and carry them in His bosom.” On the east side under the names of Jabez and Virlenda Booker: “He that hath pity upon the poor lend-eth unto the Lord.” On the north side under the names of J. H., Emmett B., and Jabez Blanton: “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” “Asleep in Jesus, blessed thought.” These were hard to read, but I think all of this is correct.