The Soldiers Story 

Heards Prairie Cemetery

The re-enactor is Lt. Mark Hanna of the 7th. Texas Cavalry. The picture is property of Mrs. Cathy H. Moore.  7th. Texas Calvary-------1st. Lt. Mark Hanna (Black hat)------Trooper Tim Lee-----Sgt. Ron Paynter

Robertson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Transcription and photos submitted by Gerrie Dickens Yates

CSA Photos Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Barclay David Oct 8 1829 Jan 1 1889 H of Mary Jane Barclay. Served in the Confederate States War. M 7-28-1842 in Jasper County Texas. Served in 1st. Regiment Texas Infantry State Troops.
Benge Thomas Jefferson Jul 15 1838 Jun 24 1925 H of Mary Ann Woods Benge; No Headstone. Have Confederate Pension Application.
  Brantner George 1827 1871 h/o Susannah Lambkin Brantner
  Garner Andrew J. Jan 20 1849 Mar 09 1927 H of Eliza Garner. Have Confederate Pension Application.
  Gibson Uriah 1827 Jan 12 1884 -
  Gunter Rev. Ezra S. Aug 15 1834 Jan 30 1903 H of Sara M. Gunter; Came to Texas after CSA War
  Hand John M. Aug 18 1838 Dec 20 1900 H of Bell McClure Hand.
  Hudson Edward W. Sep 8 1845 Apr 19 1920 Pvt Co. H 2 Regt Tx Inf Conf States Army. Have confederate Pension Application. Born in Sussex County Delaware.
  Jenkins Owen 1824 1865 Pvt Co C 0 (Nichols') Texas Infantry Confederate States Army
  Johnson William Wilburn Jan 19 1829 Jun 06 1910 H of Luraine Parker Johnson. S of William and Mary Shye Johnson. Have Confederate Pension Application.
  Meggs David Willis May 10 1829 Oct 31 1902 H of Mary J. Meggs. Served in the Cicil War. Have Confederate Pension Application.
  Oldham Benjamin Franklin 1840 Oct 17 1883 H of Emily A. Durham Oldham. Have Confederate Pension Application enlisted 1862 Miss. Vaden's Artillery Co. L. 1st. Miss Light Artillery.
  Petteway Michael Micajah Jun 5 1844 May 26 1908 H of Wife#4 buried at Petteway Cemetery Josephine C. Bibes Petteway Bodiford
  Rogers Judge Conger Jun 7 1843 Nov 28 1905 H of Elizabeth Balsora "Ballie" Vernon Rogers
  Shelby J.P. Sep 25 1818 Nov 04 1900 -
  Stanford Joshua Tally Apr 19 1801 Oct 8 1881 H of Sara N. Stanford
  Walker Calton Apr 1 1823 Aug 28 1900 H of Jane Catherine Harwell Walker. S of James and Elizabeth Lewis Walker. Born in New Hanover N.C. Have Confederate Pension Application.
  Williams Alexander L. "Alex" Nov 25 1841 Nov 21 1916 H of Louisa J. Barclay. Co. C 9th. Texas Inf. Confederate States Army; Born Mississippi. S of Thomas C. Williams
  Willis John L. Not Known Not Known -