Anderson Cemetery #2

Robertson Co. Cemeteries of TX

Contributed by William Kent Brunette

Updated by Joy Boutwell McNally

After a recent visit to Anderson Cemetery #2, Joy Boutwell McNally reported the following:  "This cemetery includes the following people:  Mathew Anderson and a child who I think is his grandson, William L. Thomas. The reason I think this is his grandson is because it states the son of M. & I. E. Thomas.  His daughter was Isabella Elizabeth.  I think there might be other graves and headstones, but we would need to do some digging, and we were not equipped with the right tools to do so.  The cemetery is in a clump of trees, on the right hand side of the property, about 200 yards in from 2446.  I plan on putting a yellow ribbon on one of the outer trees that faces 2446.  This property was originally owned by Mathew Anderson and was granted to him for fighting in the war. He was married in Robertson County in 1839, so I'm not sure if he fought for Texas or in Tennessee (where he was from).  His old homestead, if you are facing the cemetery from 2446, is on the left about 100-150 feet from the cemetery, inside the fences on the property. Only handmade bricks remain.  The cemetery is about 10' x 30' and is constructed of wrought iron.  It's in good shape, but is leaning some.  We plan on fixing it when it warms up.  We cleaned up the cemetery and put the headstones upright.  We plan on keeping the cemetery cleaned.  The cemetery is on Clyde H. William's property, and is 0.9 miles from 1940, on 2446."

ANDERSON, MATHEW, 9.1.1806 - 8.31.1873, w Phoebe Anderson (buried at Anderson Cemetery #1 along with several of their children)

THOMAS, WILLIAM L., 10.28.1878 - 7.17.1884, s Monroe & Isabella Elizabeth Anderson Thomas (couple was married 5.21.1871 in Robertson County)