James Frank Jecker Bios-BC

 Oakwood Cemetery, Refugio Co. Cemeteries of  TX

Submitted by Jim Jecker

J. Frank (James Francis) Jecker J. Frank, August 31, 1909, May 15, 1998

Note:  My dad was born 8/31/1909 in Refugio. He died May 15, 1998 in the hospital in Victoria. He still lived in Refugio. He was buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Refugio County. His funeral was handled by Moore Funeral home in Refugio. His name was James Francis Jecker. He was always called Frank and signed his name J Frank Jecker.  He was married to Gladys Marie Whitenton. They had three sons: James Francis Jecker Jr., Jon David Jecker, and Jerald Whitenton Jecker.  I don't think of any other Jeckers are buried in Oakwood. Some of the Jecker girls, Dad's sisters, are buried in Mt Calvary with their husbands. All other Jecker men I know are buried in Victoria or other places.  Jim Jecker