Gary Bible

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

This Bible was purchased at a garage sale in  Smith Co TX for 15c in March 2002 and was later donated to Rains Co. Genealogical Society.

I believe the Bible belonged to: James M. Gary (1814-1880) buried in Emory Cemetery South (Elaine Nall Bay)


1880 Rains Co. census  

90 101 Gary, James   wm 66            m farmer GA VA SC           S E       w f  55  wife    m            GA GA SC                          Mary      w f  29  dau     s             GA GA GA             V         w f  25  dau     s             AL GA GA
                         Emma   w f  19  dau     s             AL GA GA  

90 103  Morehead, John  w m  21  hired  s  Laborer  MS MS MS  

90 103  Gary, James    w m  30    son    s               AL GA GA


Cover         Title        Inscription        Back Fly

Inscription:   left front - "I need no other face now Though they may fairer be than thine"   

right front - "James Gary Book bought of Revd Joel Simms a Baptist minister in Barbour County state of Alabama he had preaached in that county near thirty years at the time this was purchased of him which was about the year 1858" back fly leaf Inscription: 

Back Fly 

left side - "James Gary was born in Hancock County State of Georgia. left said state and settled in Barbour County Alabama in 1846 in 1860 moved to Texas and lived in Rusk County until December 1869 then moved to near Springville in Wood County a new county was formed the same year called Rains and at this time himself and family are living in Rains County Texas this 30th October 1870"   

right side - inscription
"W.H. Gary James Gary's Book"