Rains Co. Leader  Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

May 1, 1913
Mrs. D. M. Rodes, whose serious illness was mentioned in last week’s paper, answered the summons to the world beyond, the end coming at 9:10 o'clock Thursday night, May the 8th. She was attended by her husband and all her children - O. H. Rodes, Mesdames M. L. Allen, Bessie Proctor and Hallie Stuart and all that loving hearts and hands could do was done to make her last hours here reconcilable. Mrs. Rodes was 62 years old, having been born in Marshall April 22, 1851. She was a consistent and earnest member of the Methodist church up until her physical endurance forbid and was always in the front ranks when church or charity work was to be done. She had a gentle and sweet disposition - one that endeared her to the casual acquaintance and made her friends love her dearly. The world is better for the lives of such noble women. Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church at the Methodist church, Friday evening at 3:30 o'clock by Rev. Will H. Edwards, in the presence of an overflowing congregation of friends and sympathizers. The Leader offers condolence to the bereaved husband and children.