Rains Co. Leader  Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

June 27, 1913
J.W. Stuart, rural carrier on route No. 1 out of Emory, died about 2 o'clock Tuesday evening. He died of tuberculosis of the bone having been sorely afflicted for the past three or four years and for the past few months had entirely lost his speech. He had been rural carrier here since the system was established and was well known throughout the county, highly respected and numbered his friends by the hundreds. He was energetic and ambitious and notwithstanding the wished and admonitions of both relatives and friends, he continued to carry the mail on his route up to within a week of his death. He was young, having only passed the age of 30, and its hard for his wife, father, mother, brothers and sisters to give him up and even friends and acquaintances will pause long enough in this fleeting age to heave a sigh, but we all loved him, but our friend have gone on to join the great hosts in the realms of the unknown future, whither we must all go sooner or late. Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock by Rev. Will H. Edwards, in the presence of a large crowd of relatives and friends and his remains were interred at 11 o'clock in the City cemetery.