Rains Co. Leader, Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

November 19, 1920

Mrs. Gus Osborn Dead
Mrs. Gus Osborn died at the family home near Point last Friday night, after a two or three weeks illness, and her remains were buried in the City Cemetery there Saturday afternoon, Rev. Goens, pastor of the Methodist church, conducting the funeral services. She was forty-three years old in October, having been reared in Rains County. She was a granddaughter of Emory Rains, for whom this town and the county was named for, and was well known to most of our citizens who have lived in this county a number of years. She is survived by her husband and five children, a brother and sister, Mr. Emory Williams and Mrs. Magie Corbett, both of whom were with her when the death angel transported her spirit to another world. The Leader joins with their many friends in offering sympathy and condolence to the bereaved husband and motherless children in this their most trying hour.