Rains Co. Leader, Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

February 25, 1921

Miss Willie Duffey Dead
Miss Willie Duffey died at the home of her mother, Mrs. Ada Duffey, in Emory Wednesday night about 10:30 o’clock after a long illness. Everything possible to do had been done by physicians, loved ones and friends, and including treatment for several months in a West Texas sanitarium, but nothing could stay the hand of the grim reaper, who carried her spirit away to its last resting place. Miss Willie was the youngest daughter of Dr. W.A. Duffey, who was well known to most of the older settlers of this vicinity. She was past twenty-three years of age, having been born and reared in Emory, and the news of her death will come as a sorrow to her many friends throughout the neighborhood. Funeral services were conducted at the Baptist church at 3:30 o’clock Thursday evening by the pastor, Dr. M.T. Tucker, of Greenville, where a large concourse of friends and acquaintances gathered to pay their last tribute to her memory. The burial took place at the City Cemetery at 4:30 o’clock. She is survived by her mother Mrs. Ada Duffey, and five sisters, Mrs. E.V. Cooke, Mrs. P.W. Pearson, Mrs. J.W. McElroy, Mrs. Grover Stuart, and Miss Hankie Duffey, all who reside in this city. The Leader joins with friends in offering sincere sympathy to the bereaved family.