Rains Co. Leader  Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

October 31, 1913

Mrs. J.W. Cox Dead
Mrs. J.W. Cox died at the family home in Emory about 3 o'clock Tuesday morning. She had not been in good health for some time, but not thought to be seriously ill, and her sudden death came as a great shock to the relatives and many friends of the family. "Aunt" Eliza as her close friends knew her, had just passed the 52nd mile post in life's pilgrimage, was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, a loyal Christian character and a faithful and loving wife and mother, a good neighbor and one who filled
her niche in life in a noble way. She was a good woman in every sense of the word. Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist church, Wednesday evening at 2 o'clock by Rev. Will H. Edwards and the house would not hold the crowd that was in attendance. Her remains were interred in the City Cemetery at 3 o'clock. The Leader offers it's sincerest sympathy to the sorrowing husband and children, in this, their saddest hour of grief. 

November 21, 1913
Resolutions of Respect
To the Noble Grand Lodge and Brothers of Emory Lodge, No. 170, I.O.O.F:
We your committee, appointed to draft resolution of condolences and respect on the death of Mrs. Eliza C. Cox, deceased wife of our brother, J.W. Cox, beg to submit the following report:
Whereas, the death angel has visited the home of our Brother, J.W. Cox, and taken there from his beloved wife, Mrs. Eliza Cox, who departed this life on October 11th, 1913, and thereby removed her from life on this earthly soil to that celestial sphere which we believe and teach that all will reach at the end of our journey on this earth, in case we live among our fellow men, that principles of our great order shall have attained and;
Whereas, Mrs. Cox exemplified in the highest degree all of those virtues which we daily strive to emulate, and which makes toward the fulfillment of the high ideals taught by our fellowship and;
Whereas, Mrs. Cox had spent her entire life from birth unto death among the citizens ship of our little city and county and having married and raised a family, the members of which represent that standard of good character, honest and fidelity, and;
Whereas, our Brother has been bereft of his bosom companion, and her sudden death has taken from his home and fireside the dearest friend and most beloved person on this earth - Mother;
Therefore be it resolved, by Emory Lodge No. 170, I.O.O.F. that in this way we extend to Brother Cox and his family and other relatives, this token of our friendship, sympathy and condolences in this dark hour of sorrow, and that by this method we say to him and to the world that we are truly brothers; that we grieve with him as he grieves; that we feel pangs of heart and soul, as he feels pangs, that we revere the name and good deeds of his departed wife; that we cherish her recollection and ever stand ready to render him and his bereft children and other relatives our heart-felt condolence, and wish and hope that the future shall not only bring joy and comfort to the saddened home, but that in good time the family will unite in a better and a brighter land by reason of pledges well kept and lives well lived.
Be it further resolved, that a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of our Lodge, that a copy be sent to deceased's family and a copy furnished to the Rains County Leader for publication.
B. A. Carter
S.K. McCallon
O.H. Rodes, Committee