Rains Co. Leader  Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

February 7, 1913
Mrs. J.M. Arrington Dead
Mrs. J.M. Arrington died at her home one-half mile east of Emory last Saturday and her remains were interred in the City cemetery Sunday evening at 4 o'clock, Rev. W.H. Edwards conducting the funeral services at the grave. Mrs. Arrington's maiden name was Lou Cynthia Farley and she was born in Mammoth Cave, Ky. April 19th, 1871. She came to Texas 1875 and was married to J. M. Arrington in August 1887. She leaves husband and eleven children and other relatives and friends to mourn the loss of companion and mother. Grandma Perdon is caring for the deceased 3 day old infant. The Leader sympathizes with the sadly bereaved husband and children.