Bellah Cemetery

Rains County, Cemeteries of Texas

Submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

Photos by Jason Carr & Harold L. Carr

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There is a low gate on the west side of the roughly 1-acre plot. The graves are huddled in the northwest corner, and all but the slab markers face east. The oldest marker, on sedimentary rock like the original SMB above, has disappeared or shattered. The last time I saw it in the 70s it was already in fragments and barely legible. There are also patterns laid out in red bricks; I don't know if these are unmarked graves or planned burial plots. (comments by JC)

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Rice Mrs. 75 yrs Apr 05 1912 w/o Prof. O. Rice   Obit

There are 8 markers in this family cemetery; two of which are joint markers for married couples.

Bellah, Allen                                                   01/07/1814               04/06/1872
Bellah, Martha                                                07/13/1818               07/12/1900

Humphrey, Joseph Wesley                        03/28/1847              04/24/1932
Humphrey, Mary Jane Bellah                    11/15/1851               -

Rice, Elizabeth                                               02/01/1838               04/02/1902
Rice, Orville                                                     09/13/1837               02/15/1928
Bellah, Nancy Catherine                             02/17/1846               09/12/1876
Bellah, Robert L.                                           02/22/1854               12/06/1874
Bellah, Sarah M.                                            06/08/1840               02/19/1856
Holt, Elizabeth                                               01/08/1801               09/04/1860

Elaine Nall Bay