The Old Davis Cemetery

Polk Co Cemeteries of TX

Located in the Big Thicket National Preserve

Transcribed by  Colleen Jackson Goodwin, Laurel Goodwin, Jesse Goodwin

Submitted by Colleen Jackson Goodwin


Take 190 E. out of Livingston, TX and travel approx. 10 miles. Turn right onto FM. 1276 and travel approx. 1 mile to Camp Ruby Rd. Turn right on Camp Ruby Rd. and travel 3.3 miles to a crossroads. Turn left onto Sunflower Rd. Travel 3.7 miles, keeping to the right (there is an old "Y" in the road and you will cross 2 bridges). Cemetery is on the left,down a short drive. Can be seen from the road. This  old family cemetery  was taken up when the federal government procured the land for a game preserve

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Davis John T. Dec. 20, 1878 Nov. 27, 1929 May the soul of the faithful through the Mercy  of God Rest in Peace Footstone: J.T.D.
Jackson Thomas Mar. 7, 1908  Nov. 28, 1911 son of J.T. & Stevie Davis We miss the voice of one we love. A precious form has passed away to join the angel throng  above. Footstone: T.J.D
 Kennedy Johnnie Belle Oct. 2, 1906 July 23, 1971 (no headstone, only gray funeral marker)
Kennedy Joseph Sept. 10, 1904 May 24, 1993 (no headstone, only gray funeral marker)
Boothe William A. Dec 1 1867 Jul 26 1938 FS   Father  The Lord is My Shepherd
Boothe Ida J. Apr 30 1880 Apr 12 1968 FS Mother  The Lord is My Shepherd
Boothe Ive Eulala Jun 13 1906 Jul 28 1907 FS I.U.B.  Gone to be an Angel
Boothe John William Oct. 13, 1908 Nov. 6, 1969 The Lord Giveth and The Lord Taketh Away.
Davis O.L. Nov. 15, 1849 Sept. 15, 1924 Footstone: Father Gone but not forgotten.
Davis Rose Apr. 16, 1848 June 9, 1934 Footstone: Mother Gone but not forgotten.
Warren May June 11, 1881 July 2, 1957 (No headstone, gray funeral marker)
Miles Geneva Apr. 30, 1882 This is the only date Gone home.  Footstone: GM
Stroud George Lester Aug. 27, 1915 May 19, 1939 Footstone: GLS To know them was to love them
Stroud Emer Ellen Oct. 11, 1886 Feb. 15, 1924 Footstone: EES To know them was to love them
Unmarked 4 graves - - Next to Stroud
Davis Wilma Jean Apr. 8, 1924 May 19, 1987 Forever loved-Mother, you were the strength that kept us on our toes
Davis William C. "Slim" Jan. 30, 1920 Sept. 14, 1978 The lord giveth & the Lord taketh away He chose one of the finest on this date
Davis William B. Mar. 1, 1889 June 27, 1970 Faith, Hope, Love
Davis Mattie - - (No headstone, just a glass tile with name written in blue ink.
Unmarked 2 graves - - next to William and Mattie Davis