HILL--Dennis Chappell Hill, the late county treasurer of Panola County, was assassinated in his office in Carthage, Texas, on the night of February 11th, 1888.

The deceased was a native of South Carolina, and was 57 years of age. He was the last survivor of a family of sixteen, and the only living uncle of Mrs. F.E. Vance, Mrs. J. D. Rudd, and Misses Stella, Lucretia, and Kate Hill, all of this county. Besides these relatives he leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his untimely death.

Mr. Hill was one of the loveliest characters, as a friend, a citizen, and a christian, it has ever been our good fortune to know. He was the pink of honor. His heart was as tender as a woman's, and as pure. It never entered his mind to harm a living soul. He had no enemies. Everybody loved him. His family life was a picture of unalloyed affection. In his old age he was as tender and loving to his wife as a bride groom of a week. He wielded the sceptre of love in his household so kindly that it was hardly necessary to ask for obedience.

A good man is gone. Let us take heart. God lives. Oh, broken hearted wife; bereaved children, look up! Be of good cheer. A tender and a loving God often reaches down and plucks a cherished plant that has twined its tendrills deep into our hearts, to transplant it on a far more beautiful shore, where it shall bloom and bear immortal fruit forever and forever. It is well with him. It will be well with us if we emulate his noble life

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