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William Langley was born in South Carolina in about 1803 and died in Panola County, Texas in 1865 but he spent most of his adult life in Monroe County, Georgia. He married his wife, Martha Penn, in Monroe County on January 14, 1826. The record of their marriage can still be found there.

Martha Penn was born in Georgia in about 1806 and after her marriage to William Langley they lived near her Penn relatives in Monroe County until leaving Georgia in the mid 1850's.

William and Martha's oldest son, Jackson N. Langley was born in about 1826 and married his cousin, Mary Penn in about 1846. They had three children. Elizabeth was 4 years old when the 1850 Federal census was taken in Monroe County. Merlin was only a year old. Another daughter, Susan was born in 1852.

Children of William and Martha Langley who were still at home on the 13th day of August when the 1850 census was taken in Monroe County, GA was: Joseph M., age 21; William Lafayette, age 18; Andrew J., age 14; Sarah Frances, age 12;
James J., age 10; and George W.B., age 5.

Joseph Langley married a young lady named Nancy and they had three children. All of their children were born in Georgia according to 1860 census records. Mary was born in 1852; Martha was born in 1854; and Osina was born in 1859.

William Lafayette Langley married his wife, Sarah E. in Monroe Co., Georgia on January 10, 1854. When Sarah filled out an application for a widow's pension for her husband's service in the Confederate Army she gave the date of their marriage on that application.

Sometime before 1858 William and Martha Langley and some of their children decided to leave Monroe County, Georgia and move west. They arrived in Panola County, Texas in 1858 and bought land near Beckville.

The Langley's oldest son, Jackson, accompanied them on this trip because his wife, Mary, had died in Georgia shortly before.  He decided to leave their children with his Penn in-laws in Monroe County rather than take them on the long journey. The children can still be found in the William Penn household in 1860. Jackson was never able to bring his children to join him in Texas as he passed away in 1858 and was buried on a piece land owned by his father which later became know as the Langley Cemetery.

When the War Between the States broke out in 1861 William and Martha's son James J. Langley was quick to join the Confederate Army. He enlisted in the 10th Texas Cavalry in 1861 and served until May 9, 1865. He returned to Panola County after the War and he and his wife, Mary E. both were to later draw pensions for his service. James died in Panola County on Feb. 12, 1903.

William Lafayette Langley enlisted in the Confederate Army in June of 1862. He served with the 19th Texas Infantry Regiment for the duration of the War and returned home to Panola County in 1865 but passed away on May 30, 1869.
In his widow's application for a pension she stated that she and William did not arrive in Panola County until January 10, 1859. Since their first child was born in Alabama in 1855 it is assumed they spent some time in that state before joining his parents in Texas.

William Langley, Sr. died in Panola County on Dec. 9, 1865 and his buried in the Langley Cemetery near Beckville. His wife, Martha Penn Langley, died Nov. 5, 1878 and is buried in the Langley Cemetery also.


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Georgia, Monroe
County} To Any ______(?) Justice of the Inferior Court, Justice of the Peace or minister of the gospel you are hereby authorized to join William Langley and Martha Penn in the holy state of matrimony according to the constitution
and laws of this state and for so doing this shall be your sufficient license. Given under my hand and seal this 13 of Jany 1826. Elias Beale, C.C.(?).

Georgia, Monroe 1826 - County} I certify that William Langley and Martha Penn were duly joined in matrimony by me on this 14 day of Jany 1826. Peter Davis, J.P.