Prior Grave

Panola Co. Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed by Don Austin ca 1981

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Panola Co Coordinator


Location: About two and a half miles north of Gary on Panola County Road 115

The follow description of this cemetery was given by Don Austin in his privately circulated book "42 Lost Cemeteries".

"A single grave found on gently sloping ground at the edge of a meadow and beneath an old cedar tree, probably planted here at the time of burial. The tombstone is of the commercial type, broken at the base but still in good condition and is secured to the base of the tree with wire. The old cedar is hollow and contains a hive of honey bees."

In addition to the one marked grave, Austin noted a few old rocks scattered around the marker, but was unable to ascertain if these rocks had ever served to mark other graves.

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Given Name



Prior Arthur M.

Sep 8, 1867

Sep 9, 1873

son of W. & E. O. Prior