Pinkston Cemetery Panola Co. Tx Gloria B.Mayfield

Pinkston Cemetery

Panola Co. Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed by Don Austin ca 1981

Photos by Norm Mayfield


Location: About one mile south of the Galloway Community and just north of the Sabine River. This would be just off Panola County Road 455 about the place where CR 4553 forks off to the west.

It is estimated that there are 8-10 graves here although none of them are marked. Information on persons buried here was contributed by Mrs. Linnie Walker of the Galloway Community of Panola County.

The following description of this cemetery was given by Don Austin in his privately circulated book "42 Lost Cemeteries".

"Located on a small mound on gently sloping ground in woodlands of average thickness. All that's left to mark the spot are two or three large cedar trees which are possibly grave markers.

This is just east of the old Connell's Ferry Road which connected Galloway Community of the town of Joaquin (in Shelby County) and crossed the Sabine River at Connell's Ferry. There is no longer a crossing here and it is now referred to as Yellowdog."

In addition to the two listed below there are believed to be several other members of the family buried here but their names and dates are unknown. The story is also told of a newcomer who was found dead at the river and was buried in this cemetery facing south the direction in which he was traveling.

Information on the Pinkston  Submitted by Everett Pinkston (EP)

Take C.R. 456 like going the Yellow Dog on the Sabine River. Right after you pass the road that forks off to the right that goes to Clear Lake you will see a sign that the county has put for the Pinkston cemetery. It is on the left and the cemetery is about 100 yards off the road to the east. I have put up a sign and it has the names and dates of those buried there.

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Given Name

Birth Death Comments
Pinkston Betty 1855 1882 w/o F. O. Pinkston, born ca 1853 (EP)
Pinkston Betty 1878 1879 d/o Betty & F. O. (EP)
Pinkston Catomie "Cate" Smith 1843 Mar 10 1887 wife of Henry b: in AR
Pinkston Edgar 1879 1880 s/o Cate & Henry(EP)
Pinkston Henry B. 1828 Jan 1 1887 h/o Catomie  b. in AL
Pinkston Leona 1877 1878 d/o Betty & F. O. (EP)
Pinkston Walter A. 1866 1880 so/o Henry B. and Malisa Jane Eady. (EP)
Unknown Unknown - - One unknown traveler-found on Clear Lake (EP)