Page Cemetery

Panola Co Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed by Don Austin ca 1981

Photos by Gloria B. Mayfield

Lat 32.086831              Longitude  94.4202009

Location: About miles southwest of the Snap Community east of Indian Creek. This would be on private property near the vicinity of Panola County Road 114.

When Don Austin surveyed this cemetery he noted six identifiable graves and estimated six to ten identifiable unmarked graves. He gave the following description of the cemetery in his privately circulated book "42 Lost Cemeteries":

"Found on fairly level ground in the edge of a pine forest flanked by ground which appears to have been formerly cultivated as terracing is evident.

"There are six marked graves all of which are identifiable. There is however a seventh identifiable grave which faces westward and bears the identification of ‘Mary E. wife of S. P. Page Born Jan 30 1842 Died Dec 4 1881’. It would appear that since the dates given here are exactly the same as those given for Mollie E. Page that this is the same person being spoken of. This was later found to be so that the original marker was left in place and the name was somehow altered as it was transferred to a newer marker. So there are actually only six identifiable graves here and there could possibly be some unmarked graves since it is unusual for all of the graves in a ‘lost’ cemetery to be identifiable.

"The Kinchen Page family settled near this site in 1860 in what was then known as the Bethlehem Community. A son Jesse Page died from a wound received during the Civil War and is buried here but the grave is not marked with an official C.S.A. marker.

"The Page Cemetery could be considered a sister cemetery to the nearby Nutt Cemetery another ‘lost’ cemetery that is a forerunner of the present-day Bethlehem Cemetery to the east."

Additional information on the families of Kinchen Page and Roscoe Bismark Page can by found in biographies prepared by James R. Lawrence and Rubye Nan Page and included in "The History of Panola County" published in 1979 by the Panola County Historical Commission.

Surname Given Name Birth Death Comments
Page Henry T. Jun 3 1854 Nov 23 1876 Son of K. & C. Page
Page Jesse Man 30 1844 Mar 4 1865 Son of K. & C. Page
Page K. (Kinchen) Nov 2 1813 Nov 1 1888 -
Page Mollie E. Jan 30 1842 Dec 4 1881 wife of S.P.
Page Serena Aug 18 1813 Jan 27 18?? wife of Kinchen
Page S.P. (Stephen Pillie) Jun 3 1840 May 23 1919 -