Old Walton Cemetery

Panola Co Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed by Don Austin ca 1981

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield

Location: From Carthage go southbound on US Highway 79 S for 5.4 miles to the point where Panola County Road 225 intersects.   Turn left after one mile on an oilfield  location road and go 2/10ths of a mile and the cemetery is on a hill on your  right. There are no markers left. This cemetery is located on private  It is property that belongs to the heirs of John Tom Ross.

It is estimated that perhaps 12-15 graves are in this cemetery. No grave markers remain, although oral tradition says that there were markers many years ago. Additional information on this cemetery was furnished to Austin by Charles R. Davis.

The following description of the cemetery was given by Don Austin in his privately circulated book "42 Lost Cemeteries".

"Located in open country on a small knoll with a few trees on it. Nothing remains here to substantiate the existence of a cemetery; however, this is the forerunner of the nearby Walton Cemetery, named for George Walton, an early settler in this area.

Walton settled near the site of the old cemetery in 1841 and was buried here along with his wife and, most likely, several other members of the family. One identifiable marker was in existence here until about three years ago, when the remains of William Davis, husband to Mary Walton, were excavated and transferred to nearby Walton Cemetery. Davis was born in Virginia in 1809 and died in Texas in 1878, which is given on his new marker. He was the grandfather of Dr. Sterling Davis of the Clayton Community."

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