Nutt-Ross Cemetery

Panola Co  Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed by Don Austin ca 1981

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield Panola County Coordinator

Directions: About mile southwest of the Snap Community in Indian Creek bottom along the old Carthage-to-Clayton Road. This location would be on private property somewhere between the intersection of Panola County Road 108 and CR 114 to the east and CR 113 on the west.

When Don Austin surveyed this cemetery he found four marked graves and estimated 25-35 unmarked graves. Additional information on these unmarked graves was furnished to him by Gwenneth Marshall Mitchell and Marjorie Nugent.

"Located adjacent to the old Carthage-Clayton Road immediately after it crosses a tributary of Indian Creek situated atop a high bluff in thick woodland. This section of the old road is no longer in use but it apparently has not been out of use for so many years for it still cuts a wide swath through the forest floor and is still quite deep in some places. It is said that there was once a church across the road from the cemetery but it has long since vanished.

"It is impossible to tell how large the cemetery was since there is so much undergrowth and few signs of markers present. The four identifiable markers and remains of one or two more were all found within a relatively small area suggesting that the cemetery was not too terribly large. The most striking feature was the grave of Amanda Ross enclosed by the rusty remains of a "Gilded Age" fence.

Edward Ross' grave was found by Ross descendants after the regular inventory was made. The stone was completely buried in straw and leaf mold: and the discovery was the result of a long-time search. That stone is the evidence which they needed to prove their beliefs. Edward was born in Barnwell Co. South Carolina: Married March 6 1868 died 2:30 A. M. Panola Co. Texas

"The cemetery was primarily a family cemetery used mainly by Dukes Rosses and Etheridges all of which intermarried. Being a close neighbor to the Page Cemetery it is no doubt a forerunner to the newer Bethlehem Cemetery to the east which is also located along the old Carthage-Clayton Road. Although it is named for a former landowner Stephen M. Nutt there are not believed to be any members of that family buried here."

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Given Name



Duke Henry Thomas

Apr 4 1866

Sep 23 1867

"Son of J.B. & L.C."
Etheridge Edmond

Feb 11 1808

Jan 16 1873

Ross J.P.

Aug 26 1849

May 10 1866

"Son of E.F. & E."
Ross S. (Sarah) Amanda

Dec 5 1829

Nov 8 1868

"Wife of John H. (Henry) Ross"
Duke Adam



known to be here
Duke Catherine



Wife of Adam Duke
Ross Catherine Duke



Wife of Daniel B. Ross
Ross Daniel Butler



Ross Edward

Apr 14 1795

Jul 29 1866

Ross Elizabeth

No date

No date

Daughter of J.H. & R.P.
Ross John Henry