Lake Cemetery


Panola Co  Cemeteries of TX

Submitted and Photos by Gloria B. Mayfield (2003)

Leaving Carthage on State Hwy 315 go west for approximately 8 miles to the intersection of FM 1971.  Turn Left on 1071, cross bridge at Dotson's Crossing and left left on 1741 in front of the rental cabins.  Continue to sign for PR 5741 and the cemetery is located on the right.

The cemetery has a cyclone fence and is well kept.  There are approximately 10 graves unmarked.

Updated Jan 2009 by Obits and Hawthorn Funeral Home RecordsThe numbers listed in the comment section are the page number of the year of death in the Hawthorn Funeral Home Books.  Gloria B. Mayfield     No New burials as of 2009

Last Name First Name Birth Death Comments
Duke Minnie O. Sep 25 1878 Aug 9 1909 w/o R. W. Duke
Lake Aunt Fannie No date No date grave next to W.T.
Lake Berla Neta Feb 23 1885 Aug 27 1974 w/o John McMim Lake
Lake Infant of No date No date Sarah J. & J.M. Lake
Lake Infant of No date No date W.T. & M.E. Lake   
Lake Infant son  Mar 7 1889 Mar 7 1889 W.T. & M.E. Lake
Lake John McMim Nov 10 1885

Oct 27 1923

h/o Berla Neta
Lake Johnie M. Nov 10 1857 Nov 27 1880 h/o Susan
Lake Mrs. M.E. Mar 19 1869 Jan 19 1895 w/o W.T. Infant buried with her
Lake Nancy E. May 12 1838 Mar 18 1922 w/o William T. 
Lake Sarah J. Jan 20 1857 Nov 27 1880 w/o J. M.
Lake Susan H. Feb 22 1852 May 06 1904 w/o J.M., Sr
Lake W.T. Oct 29 1858

Apr 28 1928

at rest
Lake William Jan 30 1827 Mar 7 1879 h/o Nancy E.