Dr. James S. Kyle Family Cemetery

Panola Co  Cemeteries of TX

From Records of Dorothy Hardwick (Published by Leila B. LaGrone)

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield

Location: On bank of McFadden Creek at old homeplace of Dr. Kyle. Mrs. Hardwick says about nine or ten graves were there

Last name First Name Birth Death Remarks
Grace Charlotte 1839 1862 W/o James Russell Grace
Grace James Russell 1837 1864 -
Kyle Dr James S. 1803 Aug 22 1857 -

Born in North Carolina, buried on his own farm on the bank of McFadden Creek. This is now the property of James and Blanche Mims, in Old Center Community. Dr. Kyle's grave is the only one that had a marker, and a tree fell on it and broke it. The part that had the inscription is missing, hidden in the leaf mold on the forest floor.

Methin Child Dates not known - -
Moore Eliza Upton Pace Dates not known - -
Morris Amanda Melvina Johnson Kyle May 4 1841 1890 w/o Dr. James S. Kyle   2nd James Morris

Buried beside Dr. Kyle but she married again to James Morris from whom she was divorced. She was so crippled from rheumatism that she was buried in a sitting position.

Pace Paris 1827 1863 Dr. Kyle's nephew
Slaves (two) Jim & Willie - No dates -