Harkrider Cemetery

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Surveyed by Don Austin ca 1981

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Directions: From Carthage go northbound on U.S. Hwy 79 North to the blinking light in Deberry. At that intersection turn left on to FM 31 and proceed northbound toward Elysian Fields. At the intersection with Panola County Road 312   turn left on to CR 312. Continue on CR 312 until it merges with CR 3122. The cemetery will be off of CR 3122  just north of the Harrison-Panola county line   about two miles southwest of Elysian Fields in the old Kinlock Community.

OR   From I-20, exit 620, take FM 31 south to Elysian Fields. In Elysian Fields, take West Street west about 2.5 miles, crossing over into Panola County. West St. runs into CR 312. Take that west .4 miles to a road heading north, PR 1334. Cross back into Harrison County. The cemetery will be on the east side of the road, about .6 miles from CR 312.  Abandoned.

According to Don Austin in his privately circulated book "42 Lost Cemeteries" Kinlock  now a ghost town was shown on the 1850 map. It was located on the Old Shreveport to Douglas Road  right about where the road crossed the present day Harrison-Panola county line. The cemetery lies just north of the old roadway   in fairly dense woodland. It appears to have been a quite large cemetery because there are graves scatted long distances apart. Austin estimated as many as 40-60 graves here.

Austin noted that in the center of the cemetery is a "good-sized" fenced plot containing twelve graves that were possibly members of the same family. These twelve graves are noted on the list below with an asterisk (*) following their surname. All of the markers within this plot are of the same type   fairly recent looking  low granite blocks that are obviously not the original markers. The fence is a rusty chain-link enclosure and in the foot of the gateway there is an embedded concrete block inscribed "Harkrider – August 1927"

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Given Name

Date of Birth

Date of Death

"H.A." Unknown

No date

No date

Footstone only  no headstone evident
Anderson Adolphus Mar 23  1866 May 14  1936 -
Anderson* Corry 1876 1880 -
Anderson* James 1851 1881 -
Anderson* Minerva 1818 1894 -
Anderson* Mollie 1853 1876 -
Anderson* Walker 1874 1874 -
Black* E.P. "Father" 1827 1859 -
Black* Eddie 1858 1859 -
Black* Etta 1848 1849 -
Black* Mary J. "Mother" 1829 1889 -
Black* Walker 1856 1857 -
Harkrider* Alta 1880 1880 -
Harkrider* Mollie 1876 1878 -
Nelson Veronica 1841 1901 -
Thompson Mattie Feb ?  1884 Dec 27  1900 dau of Sam & Everlon
Timmins F.E. Sep 12  1833 Feb 22  1894 husband of C.C.
Timmins F.E. Jr. Apr 18  1862 Aug 8  1867 son of F.E. & C.C.
Timmins F.S. Jan 19  1868 Apr 23  1887 dau of F.E. & C.C.
Timmins Nora Jun 14  1872 Jun 28  1872 dau of F.E. & C.C.