Greenwood Cemetery

Panola Co  Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed by Don Austin ca 1981

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield 

 Directions: About one mile northeast of Tatum on the Rusk-Panola county line near Hendrick’s Lake.

This cemetery is located just off Trammel’s Trace as it led to the ferry crossing on the Sabine River near Hendrick’s Lake. According to Don Austin in his privately circulated book "42 Lost Cemeteries" the cemetery is "Located in an early-settled area just northeast of Tatum along the Trammel’s Trace. The cemetery is in the edge of a gently sloping hill cleverly concealed in a brush thicket. Many of the markers have been broken some beyond identification. A few had to be pieced together for identification and some of the pieces were missing. A few graves are marked with pieces of native iron ore rock." At the time of his survey Austin estimated as many as 25-35 graves in this cemetery.

It is presumed that this cemetery is all white as there is a black cemetery Hendrick’s Cemetery located about 100 yards south of Greenwood. Hendrick’s Cemetery is presumed to be all black. Additional information regarding the persons buried in this cemetery was furnished to Austin by Mrs. Mary Frank Dunn of Henderson.

Surname Given Name Date of Birth Date of Death Comments
Dodson Martha Ann Baker May 27 1789 Jul 12 1869 wife of Obediah
Dodson Rev. Obediah No date No date -
Downs J.M. Apr 2 1848 Oct 22 1907 -
Downs Sarah E. Mar 5 1852 Aug 23 1898 -
Greenwood G.H. Dec 15 1838 Jun 17 1911 -
Greenwood Martha E. Feb 24 1847 Nov 21 1922 wife of G.H.
Heard Lena May Jan 9 1898 Jun 19 1899 dau of S.A. & F.V
Heard Steven Allen 1863 1901 -
Jones B. 1850 1875 -
Jones George W. 1844 1883 -
Morton Laura A. Nov 28 1872 Jan 24 1898 wife of M.A.
Morton Rural E. Jun 23 1894 Sep 1 1895 son of R.L. & N.E.
Turvan Lizzie Oler Aug 2 1884 Oct 28 1884 -
Unknown Unknown - - Either birth or death date is Feb 22 19??