Panola Co  Cemeteries of TX

Surveyed by Don Austin, ca 1970

Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield, Panola Co Coordinator

Directions: From Carthage, go US Hwy 79 N to the caution light in DeBerry, turn right on to State Hwy 31, go approximately one-fourth mile then turn to the left on to County Road 326. This Black Cemetery will be about one-fourth mile down CR 326, on the east side of a pipeline right-of-way.

Located adjacent to a pipeline right-of-way which cuts through a pine forest, on a gently-sloping ground near a creek,. It appears to have occupied a fairly large area, since the few graves that were identifiable were spaced anywhere from 25 to 75 feet apart. Several large oak trees, along with crepe myrtle trees, were found within the area indicating that the cemetery could have been much larger than now expected and making it hard to estimate how many graves could be there. It is estimated that perhaps 40-50 graves could have been here. The cemetery is bounded by a barbed wire fence on one side only, with no evidence of a fence on any other side. This is the forerunner of the present day Evergreen Cemetery located just east of Deberry and approximately one-half mile north of this location. It is said that burials occurred here up until the late 1930’s or early 1940’s.

This cemetery has been updated, using the Hawthorn Funeral Home Records plus walking records. FH Records are identified by a page number in comments, Use this, plus the death year to locate in the Funeral Home Records. You may find duplicate entries, I left them as such so you can go to the Hawthorn Funeral Home Records for more information. (2009 gbm) 


Last Name First Name Birth Death Parents PG Comments


Dovie Tha

Oct 20 1891

Feb 05 1978

Van Cude & Minnie Morgan


Rufus E. Lindsey

Mackenzie Emit June 2 185? Oct. 5 1897 - - -
Moore Calestene Dec 4 1896 Aug 31 1898 - - Son of Billie & Bell Moore
Roberson Mary Marney Jan 30 1894 Apr 23 1897 - - D/o Squire & Rose Roberson
Roberts Birdie Lee May 13 1987 Jul 18 1987 John Henry Roach & Eliza Reddic 72 Major Lee Roberts
White Daffyney Jan 5 1880 Mar 8 1901 - - Dau. Of Plez & Kittie White
Williams Robert Thomas ? Nov 23 1918 - - Sgt. 165 Depot Brigade TX
? Leana ? 1903 - - Age 37 years