Belle Bower Cemetery

Panola Co Cemeteries of TX

Location:   One must take LA765 to LA764, turn left on either Bell Bower Rd or Hog Eye Rd, to Speights Rd.. (NM)

 Submitted by Gloria B. Mayfield

Photos by Norm Mayfield

The cemetery is on Speights Road.  From FM 2517 take CR 467 to the State Line where it changes to Speights Road. Continue across State Line Road for some distance and the cemetery is on the left.  Speights Road is an old, narrow oil/gravel road so use caution.  The cemetery can also be approached from the LA side, using 765.

This cemetery has been updated, using the Hawthorn Funeral Home Records plus walking records. FH Records are identified:  by a page number in comments, Use this, plus the death year to locate in the Funeral Home Records. You may find duplicate entries, I left them as such so you can go to the Hawthorn Funeral Home Records for more information. (2009 gbm)


Last Name First Name Birth Death Remarks
Brooking Caroline P. 1807 1894 Gone but not forgotten 3rd gr grand / Wanda Robinson
Cammack Albert Eugene Oct 29 1973 Dec 9 1915 Let our Father's will be done.
Inglet Frances Rebecca Ramsey Jan 28 1848 Apr 5 1910  
Oliver Susie Mar 20 1839 Jan 19 1905  
Oliver Thomas June 3 1829 Nov 20 1909  
Ramsey Arthur M Jun 16 1886 Aug 5 1945  
Ramsey Bettie Sep 11 1887 Dec 22 1977  
Ramsey Catherine J. Henry Sep 8 1824 Feb 14 1905 A loving mother and wife dear lies buried here
Ramsey Catherine Ovado Jan 1 1866 Aug 8 1878 The spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God
Ramsey Caladonia L. Feb 4 1868 Aug 8 1882 Dearest babe thou hast left us and they loss we deeply feel
Ramsey Clisto Aug 30 1913 Aug 28 1915 Tread softly for an angel band doth guard the silent dust, and we can safely leave our boy, our darling, in their trust
Ramsey D. T. Foshee Jul 22 1860 Feb 25 1902 Let not your heart be troubled : Ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you that where I am, there ye may be also.
Ramsey Evelyn A. Aug 20 1921 July 22 1923 Darling we miss thee
Ramsey Francis M. July 13, 1820 April 15, 1875 A loving father and husband dear lies buried here
Ramsey Homer F. Sep 24 1879 Dec 14 1880 Our little babe is gone to rest, to reign with God forever blest.
Ramsey James Harvey Aug 15 1856 Dec 12 1915 All the plans of life are broken, all the hopes of life are fled Counsel, comfort and advisors: Alas!Alas!For thou art dead"
Ramsey Jannie E. Dec 23 1883 Mar 28 1981 A Beloved Mother
Ramsey John C. Jul 26 1860 Oct 8 1865 Of such is the kingdom of Heaven
Ramsey Mable Dec 2 1895 Dec 2 1895  
Ramsey Nellie Z. Nov 24 1883 Jan 28 1890 Dearest child….
Ramsey Roland E. Sep 23 1830 May 6 1930 A Beloved Father
Ramsey Sudie Sinclair Sep 18 1858 Jan 16 1941 None knew thee but to love thee. None named thee but to praise
Ramsey Infant of A.M. & S.E. Feb 15 1912 Feb 15 1912 Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called thee Home. He thought it best
Ramsey Infant of A.M. & S. E. Jun 6 1919 Jun 6 1919 Sweetly sleeping
Ramsey Zachary T. Jan 8 1850 Feb 8 1925 Tho lost to sight, to memory dear
Ramsey Infant of Z. T. & D. T. Feb 26 1902 Feb 26 1902 A little time on earth he spent, til God for Him his angel sent
Ramsey Infant of Z. T. & D. T. Aug 12 1890 Aug 12 1890 A little time on eath he spent, til God for Him his angel sent
Ramsey Infant dau of Z. T. & D. T. No dates No dates  
Sample Ella Mable Sinclair Aug 28 1863 Dec 9 1887  
Sinclair Alice Smith March 24 1856 May 26 1864  
Sinclair Claud Donald July 25 1879 April 29,????  
Sinclair Emily Frances Jones May 14 1831 Aug 11 1875 What dear one's voice is smothered here in dust, til waked to join the chorus of the just….
Sinclair Holloway Nov 8 1824 June 14 1917 An animable father here lies at rest, as even God with his image blest. The friend of man, the friend of truth, the friend of age, the guide of youth
Sinclair Margaret Delila Feb 10 1861 Aug 24 1866  
Sinclair Winnfield Scott Jul 1 1851 Aug 14 1937  
Yarbrough Mattie A. Jun 5 1850 Aug 10 1914 Remember children as you pass by, so are you once was I, so am I you must be. Prepare for Heaven and follow me
Yarbrough Mattie D. Nov 10 1877 Dec 5 1900 Asleep in Jeseus blessed sleep,, from which none ever wake to weep. Sleep on sweet MATTIE and take they rest. God called thee home, he thought it best
Yarbrough Richard Oct 9 1845 Sept 23 1880  
Yarbrough Z. G. W. Dec 1 1862 Aug 27 1936 Our love goes with you and our souls wait to join you