Panola Baptist Church 1939

Panola Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Norman Mayfield

On the back is the following

Panola Baptist Church, 1939
Front row left to right:
Billy Joe Mayfield, Norma Jean (Pat) Mayfield, Alma Leigh Mayfield Wells, J. T. Gates, Larry Johnson, Charles Johnson
Second row left to right:
Betty Mayfield, Elmer Smith Mayfield, Earl Mayfield, Lucille Johnson Yount, Preacher Johnson, Mary Nell Johnson, La Verne Johnson Higgins
Third row:
Norman M. Mayfield, A. J. Mayfield, Aunt Sally Mayfield, Luddie Mayfield, Becky Johnson Coats, John Mayfield
Fourth Row:
Bertie Gates Mayfield (holding baby?) Norman A. Mayfield, Sr., Billy Johnson, Herbert Mayfield, Blanchard Mayfield, Jack Mayfield
Hice Gates, Nelson Mayfield, ?, Gerald Johnson, Hazel Mayfield Booth, ?