Pine Island Cemetery 

near Vidor,   Orange Co. Cemeteries-of-TX

Submitted by Danny Glenn  

Photos by John Steen and submitted by Elaine Nall Bay

In 1897, one M.E.M. Davis copyrighted his book, The Story Of Texas Under Six Flags. His premise was that the French explorer, LaSalle is buried  near the crossing of the Neches River." LaSalle had plunged into the  forest in search of his nephew and was ambushed by his own men who had  murdered the nephew and were fearful of LaSalle's vengeance. Davis stated that LaSalle, "with a bullet in his brain has been laying in a shallow  grave for over 200 years near the Neches river." 

This cemetery was formerly  an Indian burial site and received its name because of a large group of  pine trees growing there in the center of a wide open prarie. Over 36  marble or granite grave markers have been found, the earliest showing that  the person was buried in 1862, the latest showing 1936. Pine Island  Cemetery is located five miles south of Vidor, east of Mansfield ferry Road. Efforts to have the location designated as a state and national historical  site have been bogged down in negotiations with the owners of the 1.2 acres  involved. Ivan Pattillo led the efforts for recognition, along with Vidorians  Dru Stephenson and Annie Portie. 

Thanks to their efforts, Orange County  Judge Charles Grooms declared it a county historical site in 1977. 

Pioneers Listed In Pine Island Cemetery 

John M. Hill born - 09-17-1868 died - 04-07-1891 

James A. Hill died - 09-06-1914 

Maggie M. Hill died - 05-29-1916 

Capt. John W. Hill born - 07-02-1838 

Betty Hill (infant) 

Clara Bell Cotton 

Daniel A. Pattillo born - 11-16-1830 died - 02-26-1902 

Sarah Ann Pattillo born - 09-20-1840 died - 12- 24-1901 

Madge Pattillo born - 1901 died -1903 

John Peveto Coneil Peveto 

Amanda Turner born - 09-07-1824 died - 11-17-1883 

John Turner born- 01-04-1814 died - 11-17-1883 

Mary Myers age- 62 years 10 m. died - 11-14-1862 

Elizabeth Adcock born - 07-06- 1800 died - 03-03-1862 

Minnie Church born - 03-09-1828 died - 05-02-1919 

Jim Mienke born - 02-26-1826 died - 11-18-1881 

Mollie Church born - 05-16-1867 died - 10-06-1874 

Albert Eaves born - 04-09-1888 died - 10-?-1891 

Mary (Polly) Hayes 

Peveto Mary (Walles) 

Cotton Ella Pattillo Hayes and baby daughter 

Annie Bailey 

George Frazier born - 03-03-1898 died - 08-?-1936 

Annie Frazier born - 03-13-1891 died - about 1907 

Katy (Hayes) Baker 

Ellen Williamson 

Ratcliff Larkin Frazier 

Mrs. Mary Ann Cotton 

Mrs. Mary Peveto Rastus Stephenson born - 04-25-1849 died - 05-01-1879 

Newton Stephenson born - 04-?-1843 died - 05-01-1879 

Josephine Bailey died - 3-4 years of age 

Gilbert Bailey died when infant 

Infant daughter of May and Bryan Adams

 Mrs. A.A. (Nora) Adams died - 11-27-1917