Floyd Cemetery

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Submitted by Judy Allen 

If you are related to these individuals and can show proof, I will be glad to put the relationship beside the deceased. Explantions: f/o=father of, m/o=mother of, h/o=husband of,w/o=wife of, s/o=son of, dau/o=daughter of, ch/o=child of.grandson of. 

Floyd Cemetery

Take the Mansfield Ferry Road off 105, turn left at Church Point Road, cross the Anderson Gully, make a sharp right turn and continue to the last house. There are supposed to be about 30 graves including slaves but only two head stones are there now. Catalogued by  Ouida Garrison, 3 Feb 1973. I don't know if this cemetery is still being used and it hasn't been TRANSCRIBED recently. 

Sources: + Misc. county book, vol 1 section C, transcribed 3 Feb 1973

Anderson, W G 22 Feb 1812 - 12 Nov 1865, born near Princeton, Ky.

Floyd, Mary Coleman 12 yrs 6 mos - 3 Jul 1854

Unmarked, unknown, foot stone only