Dougharty Memorial Cemetery

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Submitted by Judy Allen 

If you are related to these individuals and can show proof, I will be glad to put the relationship beside the deceased. Explantions: f/o=father of, m/o=mother of, h/o=husband of, w/o=wife of, s/o=son of, d/o=daughter of, ch/o=child of.

Dougharty Memorial Cemetery

Heading north on Hwy. 87, turn right on Inland Orange Road, first road past the railroad tracks. Turn left on Old Hwy 87, and turn right on Pea Farm Road. Follow the curve in the road and cemetery is on the left at 3057 Pea Farm Rd. This is a family  cemetery. Transcribed 30 Nov 1999 by Judy A. Allen. This cemetery is still being used for burials and updates will continue.

=Dougharty, B Mae 10 Dec - living w/o Lawrence L Dougharty
=Dougharty, Ethel Maree 10 Jul 1921 - 25 Dec 1921 d/o Sam & Martha Dougharty (exhumed from King cemetery in Newton Co Tx) 
=Dougharty, Lawrence L 16 Jan 1926 - 18 Aug 1985 h/o B Mae Dougharty s/o Sam & Martha Dougharty (exhumed from King cemetery) 
=Dougharty, Martha Levin 2 Oct 1900 - 27 Apr 1988 w/o Sam Dougharty (exhumed from King cemetery)
=Dougharty, Sam 27 Apr 1898 - 7 Feb 1961 h/o Martha Levin Dougharty (exhumed from King Cemetery in Newton Co Tx)
=Dougharty, Tommie R 15 Aug 1927 - living w/o Willard E Dougharty
=Dougharty, Willard E 26 Apr 1919 - 2 Jan 1994 w/o Tommie R Dougharty s/o Sam & Martha Dougharty (exhumed from King cemetery)

=McGuire, Karen Lynn 25 Feb 1959 - 21 Jul 1960 d/o Mr & Mrs Glen McGuire (exhumed from Evergreen cemetery)